Services for Attorneys

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We are an Arizona local law firm providing legal services to out-of-state attorneys.
We specialize in Bond Hearings
before the EOIR Immigration Courts located inside of the Florence and Eloy immigration detention facilities. Being local counsels we are best situated to deal with the local courts and the local ICE, because we are familiar with the local court’s rules, etiquette and established practices of the local ICE.

Your client is your client.

  • Typically we enter as an attorney IN ASSOCIATION with the lead attorney – you.
  • We only enter an appearance for the limited purpose only.

Full service.

We do it all, the personally appear at the bond hearing, we post the bond, we do all the necessary motion practice, we even provide the safe passage from jail and out of Arizona.

Legal Services For Attorneys

  • Enter as an attorney for the respondent before the local court
    (Typically IN ASSOCIATION with the lead attorney)
  • Visit and interview the respondent in a local detention facility
  • Obtain a notarized release of attorneys’ liability and covenant not to sue
  • Obtain a Notice To Appear (NTA) and other charging documents from the local ICE
  • Research if the respondent is eligible for release on bond
  • Attempt to stipulate the respondent’s release on bond with the local ICE
  • Move the local court to set a Bond Hearing
  • Prepare a Bond Memorandum of Facts and Law
  • Obtain a court date for the Master Calendar Hearing
  • Move the local court to continue the Master Calendar Hearing until after the alien is bonded out
  • Personally appear before the local court at the Bond Hearing and argue the release
  • Move the local court to waive presents of an alien at the Master Calendar Hearing
  • Move the local court to change venue according to the alien’s residence
  • Move the local court to grant a leave for the lead attorney to appear telephonically
  • Upon request, we provide further deportation defense beyond the bond hearings and appear before the local court instead of the lead attorney (while in association) at the Master Calendar Hearing(s) and/or at the Individual Merit Hearings

Facilitating release on bond and safe passage out of Arizona

  • Post the bond via a licensed bondsman providing an IMMIGRATION BOND
  • Facilitate the same day release from detention
  • Receive the alien’s passport, IDs, prescribed medication and hand deliver them to the alien at time of his/her release.
  • Receive air fare tickets, cash, credit cards, calling cards and hand deliver them to the alien at time of his/her release.
  • Personally pick up the alien at the jail gates and transport to the Sky Harbor Airport or to an airport hotel
  • Check the alien on a flight out of the Sky Harbor Airport or into an airport hotel
  • Notify the alien’s relatives of his/her arrival to the destination airport