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Our clients tell their stories:

Mr. Gonzalez, Phoenix, Arizona. I was born in Mexico. I came to the United States with my parents when I was still a child. I lived here for over 20 years. I have a wife and three kids. I did not even know that I was illegal before INS arrested me in one of their sweep-up raids. They put me in the Florence jail for deportation to Mexico. Marina got me out on bond in 4 days and stopped the deportation.

My name is Israel. I came on a tourist visa. I applied for extension of stay but never got any response from the Immigration. Then I got arrested by the Immigration, sent from New York City all the way down to Arizona, and jailed in the Eloy Detention Center. The Mexicans in jail gave me the phone number of their attorney who just bonded them out. That is how I learned of Marina. I called her, she came to visit me in jail, and she got me out on twenty-five hundred dollar bond. I got out. I got married. I already got my work permit, social security number and driving license. Now I am waiting for my “green card”.

I am from Ecuador. I waited for my immigration interview for 14 years. At the interview the immigration officers denied my case. They said that I overstayed my visa a few years ago, and that I lost my rights because of that. They said I would need to see a judge for deportation. A friend of mine recommended that I hire Marina Alexandrovich. He said Marina is good at fighting the deportation. So, I came to see Marina Alexandrovich. I liked her, because she really listened to what I had to say. She made the immigration to reconsider my case all over again. At first the immigration denied my case again, but then Marina got my green card approved by the supervisor. Marina saved me from deportation, and I got my green card. When it is time for my citizenship I will come to her again.

Judith, Phoenix, Arizona. I am a Mexican, I am 21 and I am a mother. My parents filed papers for my green card years ago, but the case was undecided because the FBI did not do the background checks. The INS told me they would deny my case when I turn 21. I tried talking to the INS but it only made it worse. They said that I admitted entering illegally and that I am banned from legalization because of that. I was pregnant back then and did not need any of that aggravation. I feared to be arrested during my pregnancy. I was afraid they might deport me to Mexico while I am pregnant. That is when I decided to hire a lawyer to rescue me from the bureaucratic jumble. I went with Marina because she did good job getting a citizenship for my father. Marina managed to get my green card approved just one week before I turned 21. She is just great!

I came from Armenia. I had no relatives in America and I applied for asylum. I came to Marina when immigration denied my asylum application, revoked my work permit and placed me in deportation. My passport was confiscated. Immigration wanted to keep me in jail until deportation. Marina stopped the deportation, and then she won my asylum case in court. I became legal. Now I am able to work legally. The best part is, I was able to bring my wife and two kids here to America. We already applied for our green cards.

I am an Arab from Saudi Arabia. I have been seeking an asylum. The immigration administratively closed my asylum case on a technicality and turned me to the deportation court. The Immigration & Customs Enforcement confiscated my passport. Because of the mess and clerical errors in their records the ICE wanted to put me in jail. The ICE officers said they want to hold me in detention without bond. I needed an expert in immigration law. I chose Ms. Alexandrovich because of her reputation. Ms. Alexandrovich sent out a private investigator to sort out the mess shadowing my records. First, she rescued me from the detention by the ICE on my own recognizance. Then she stopped the deportation process and skillfully litigated my asylum claim in the Phoenix Immigration Court. Ultimately, she prevailed in court and the judge granted me the asylum status. Ms. Alexandrovich is a tough no-nonsense attorney worth who can be trusted.